Mini Vulnerability Toolkit Workshop 5 – Service without Bias

We are pleased to announce our fifth Toolkit Session aimed at Frontline Staff. A practical, confidence building toolkit session with useful takeaways.

Often our own beliefs, experiences and assumptions get in the way of us supporting customers. Especially those in vulnerable circumstances.

Understanding and addressing conscious and unconscious bias is vital to ensure fair and equitable treatment of customers. Stepping back from our go-to responses and solutions, and taking time to better understand the customer’s situation, how they’re feeling and what they need.

By recognising and mitigating biases, your business can enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust, leading to better customer outcomes and business growth.

In this 1-hour workshop, Helen Pettifer will share key insights into fully understanding bias, the types and impacts of bias and how we can promote inclusivity within workplaces and customer service.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand bias – the different types of biases and the impacts these have
  • Recognise biases – both our own and the presence of bias in others
  • Creating awareness of bias and promoting inclusivity


Helen Pettifer is a leading authority on vulnerable customer issues and training, She works with organisations and their teams, providing training programmes and consultancy services. Helen fully understands and emphasises to her clients that the wellbeing of team members is crucial to supporting the wellbeing of the customers.

Cost – £29 plus vat per person

Please note, this series of mini workshops will be delivered throughout 2024.

Your staff can build up a fantastic portfolio of aids to use on a day to day basis as they attend our Mini Toolkit Workshops.

To book: email or phone 0161 870 6637. Zoom details will be sent in advance of the session.

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Jun 05 2024


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm