We help clients with the training & development of their staff.

The FCA Training & Competence (T&C) Sourcebook requires all staff &/or Appointed Representatives of a regulated firm &/or Principal firm to be competent for their role.

Firms need to be able to demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out the actvities entrusted to them and this applies from the Chief Executive to the newest administrator.

We have expert knowledge of the market, the regulatory requirements, how they apply and from our experience many firms worry about T&C.

Questions that arise are:

  • What exactly do we have to do?
  • – Are we doing too much?
  • – Are we doing enough?
  • – How do we prove our staff &/or Appointed Representatives are competent?
  • How much time should we spend on it?
  • What will it cost?
  • Are we compliant?

Aside from regulatory requirements having effective T&C arrangements in your firm are important as they ensure:

  • Your business is successful
  • Staff &/or Appointed Representatives are knowledgeable
  • Staff &/or Appointed Representatives are sufficiently skilled to carry out their roles
  • The conduct of staff is in line with the culture of your firm
  • Customers do not receive poor outcomes or harm (e.g. by ending up with the wrong product)
  • Customers are satisfied and happy with the product they receive

If you don’t get T&C correct at the begining of the T&C journey, you are running a risk to your firm in terms of regulatory risk and reputational risks.

In addition to helping clients design, implement and review their T&C Schemes we also:

  • Online training and development: Workout.
  • Training course for newly appointed Senior Managers
  • Provide training to those new to insurance. “All You Need To Know About Insurance in a Day” is our oldest and most popular training course; check our Training page to find out more.
  • Technical General Insurance training at various levels; inhouse or online
  • Compliance Officer Training
  • Training for Approved Persons to help them understand their responsibilites and requirements under FCA rules and regulations
  • Training for Senior Managers to ensure understanding of responsibilites and requirements under the Senior Managers Certification Regime (SMCR)
  • Essential key compliance or regulatory topics training for staff
  • Team Leader, Supervisor or Management training
  • Free monthly webinars for clients on FCA regulatory updates
  • Training webinars and workshops on the current topics high on the FCA’s radar
  • Independent review of training & competence arrangements

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