Customer Journey

Stepping into customer's shoes.

We help firms examine their Customer Journey. We step into our customer’s shoes.

Firms benefit from an independent review in this area to ensure they don’t lose sight of the regulatory requirements and that they are treating their customers fairly.

A customer journey starts with their first interaction with your firm so it is vitally important this is positive and that positive outcomes are maintained at all points along this journey.

In a time of constant change, with business models rapidly changing; expansion or contraction, new products and different ways of working employed, we have to ensure that we do not lose sight of our customers. Also that they do not suffer harm or potential harm. It can be serious if we do (potential regulatory breaches and damaging our reputation).

Here at Create Solutions, we have a vast experience of dealing with all types of firms in the general insurance market and have seen a lot of good and bad practice. We can review a particular aspect or the whole customer journey – it is up to you.

Our reviews help firms take stock, they benefit from another pair of eyes looking at what they currently do, checking that they are meeting the regulatory requirements and meeting the customer’s best interests rule. It helps give assurance and evidence that your customers best interests are central to what the firm does.

You will receive our recommendations of the practical actions you can take to improve your customer journey, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

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