File Checks & Call Monitoring

Is your Monitoring process working?

It is important that firms can assure themselves that their quality, audit or monitoring processes are meeting the regulatory requirements.

Have you conducted a review of this lately?
Business models have changed and functions like audit and monitoring have to keep pace.

It is easy to relate to “we have always done it this way”, when there can be more effective ways of monitoring.

The question is “Is your process fit for purpose and does it tell the Senior Management/Board what it needs to?”

Does it provide the right management information so that the firm can take action where required? (You may be wasting time and resource in this area and be able to do things more effectively).

We can conduct an independent review of current processes and practices to ensure you are fit for purpose and also make recommendations for improvements where necessary.

Here are some areas that our reviews typically cover:

  • Governance, control and responsibilities for Monitoring
  • Monitoring/audit process
  • Monitoring of Appointed representatives or third parties
  • Sales process
  • Vulnerable customer identification and support
  • TCF issues
  • Data protection and checks
  • Breach procedures
  • Compliance with the Customer’s best interests rule
  • The quality of the calls from a customer service aspect
  • Management information and reporting
  • Staff competency

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