FCA Authorisations & Regulatory Returns

If you have decided to become authorised and would like us to help you, please contact us and we will discuss the process and cost with you.

We have a guide which we can send you on the process but it is worth speaking to us first so we can outline what the process is and give you an idea of what’s involved according to your business model and plans.

Applying for authorisation by the FCA is not just a question of filling out a few application forms.

The applications can be complex and time consuming. There are many different forms to complete and not all are relevant for every application.

We will help you identify the forms you need to complete and assist you to fill them in correctly, answer your questions and guide you through the process.

In addition to completing the application form, the FCA also expects you to have documented compliance systems and procedures in place when you submit the forms.

This includes procedures for ensuring you treat your customers fairly, training your staff, handling complaints, financial procedures (including handling client money), managing the risks of financial crime and having robust business continuity/disaster recovery procedures.

How long it takes to become FCA authorised depends a great deal on how quickly you can gather the required information, and if sent in to the FCA incomplete or lack of clarity, then it could delay the application going through by many months.

Call our team today if you would like to discuss and to find out how we can help you.

Tel 0161 870 6637 or email tracy@createsolutions.co.uk for a copy of our guide on applying for FCA authorisation.

We have many years of experience in completing and submitting the many types of applications. Here are just some of the types of applications we can help with:

  • Applying to be an Authorised Firm on Connect
  • Applying to be, amending or deleting an Approved Person or SMF Manager
  • Applying to be, amending or deleting an Appointed Representative or Introducer Appointed Representative
  • Retail Mediation Activities Return (RMAR) on RegData
  • Statements of Responsibility for new and updated SMF approvals
  • Applying for permission for a change in control
  • Applying for a variation of permission
  • Annual firm details attestation
  • Notification of a breach of the Code of Conduct (COCON) by an SMF Manager or a Certified member of staff
  • Claims Management Company Regulatory Returns
  • Appointed Representative Due Diligence
  • Cancellation of authorisation
  • Withdrawal of application

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