Vulnerable Customers

Protecting vulnerable people is a key priority for the FCA to ensure that consumers are protected - let us check that you are on track.

Vulnerability is high on the FCA’s agenda and it is so important that firms can demonstrate they are meeting the regulatory requirements if asked

Create Solutions have been helping firms for many years implement policies and procedures and providing training and consultancy on this important aspect of the regulations.
General insurance firms should have Customer and Staff Vulnerability firmly on their board agendas and senior managers and staff able to explain what FCA’s requirements.
Many firms have made great progress in this area , however firms have benefitted from having an external organisation like ourselves, review what they have in place to ensure it is fit for purpose, it is embedded and it is effective.(Is it providing the right outcomes?)
Please speak to us if you are looking for help in this area or want reassurance that you are on track. We can explain how we work with firms in this area.
We provide :
Training sessions for senior managers and team leaders on understanding the regulator requirements
Training sessions for front line staff to be able to understand what a Vulnerable customer is, what the characteristics are and how to actually deal with them .

We help firms design their policies and procedures and give guidance on all aspects of the customer journey. The journey will include some of the following:

  • Oversight and controls
  • Policies and procedures
  • Responsibilities
  • Product and service design
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Skills and capability of staff
  • Customer touch points
  • Customer service
  • Communications
  • Complaints
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Recording
  • Relevant Management information
  • Outcome testing

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