Conversations Around Suicide & Self Harm 31st July 1:30PM to 5PM

Mental Health concern sees 196% increase in clients with suicidal thoughts” source:

The national mental health charity Mental Health concern has reported that one in three people are accessing their crisis service due to financial reasons – with a 196% increase in suicidal thoughts – with concerns that the ongoing rising costs of living will continue to make the situation worse.


This training course will increase the skills and confidence of the attendees to manage conversations with customers expressing suicidal thoughts.

We are hearing from some of our clients that there has been an increase in customers who have in their conversation with agents, mentioned self-harm or ending life.

This can be very upsetting and difficult for a staff member to deal with.  They may not have had the appropriate training to deal with this or know when and how to signpost the call – hence we are providing this course.

It is essential that firms have appropriate policies and procedures in place and are able to support the staff who are dealing with these situations .

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of listening and responding empathetically
  • Build a toolkit of questions and responses and know when and how to use them
  • Know how to respond in an emergency during the conversation
  • Apply the knowledge gained from the course to better support customers during distressing conversations

Our Trainer/consultant for this session is Helen Pettifer  

Helen Pettifer is a leading authority on vulnerable customer issues helping firms understand and deal with their vulnerable customers, especially those experiencing suicidal thoughts. Drawing on personal experience, industry insights and conversations with those directly impacted. Helen is committed to doing all she can to reduce the number of people who feel they’re out of options and can’t carry on living.

Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

This is an essential course for those on the frontline dealing with customers.  It is also ideal for Vulnerable Customer or Wellbeing Champions, Mental Health Champions, Team Leaders, Compliance, Training, Customer Service and Audit functions etc.  

To book contact: email or phone 0161 870 6637. (Delivered via Zoom / £99 plus VAT per person)


Jul 31 2023


1:30 pm - 5:00 pm