Digital Wellbeing – Getting it right!

This session will look at what digital wellness is and how it affects productivity.

In this session, we will explore:

  • The key challenges we face in the digital age (touching on use of AI)
  • Ways to change how we work (work styles, environments, tools, and workflows)
  • Opportunities for leveraging focus and flow (habits, mindsets, practices & rituals)
  • Intentional productivity – what this means and how it can support digital wellness at work
  • We will consider the detrimental effects of our traditional digital work culture, where burnout and overwork are commonplace, how our time, focus and attention are continually hijacked, and what we can do about addressing these challenges.
  • Why this revised approach to HOW we work is essential for supporting better wellbeing and productivity (which both affect the business bottom line).

Speaker Biography:

Mich (Mish) Bondesio is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach and consultant with a focus on ‘Intentional Productivity’ and the Future of Work. She is the founder of Creating Cadence, the host of the Creating Cadence podcast, and one of UCLan LSBE’s Entrepreneurs in Residence. Following a 20-year career in communications and project management, a lengthy period of burnout prompted her to transition in her work. Mich now helps people to develop more mindful approaches to work and technology, to improve their wellbeing, productivity and creativity, and do better business in the digital world.

Her talks, workshops, and coaching programmes are a learning opportunity for business professionals to activate their potential, create momentum, work with purpose, and live with more intention. Mich’s recent book The Cadence Effect is about transforming our work lives with intentionally productive habits.


Twitter: @michbondesio

Instagram: @michbondesio

LinkedIn: Michelle Bondesio

To book: email The session will be held via Zoom and details will be sent to delegates in advance of the session.


Oct 17 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm