Mini Vulnerability Toolkit Workshop: No 3 – Dealing with new and inexperienced Customers and Claimants

A practical, confidence building toolkit session with useful takeaways.

We are pleased to announce our third Toolkit Session aimed at Frontline Staff. During this session, we will look at dealing with new and inexperienced customers and claimants.

Many of your customers may be getting in touch with you for the first time. They are not familiar with your products, processes, options or insurance jargon. This will help you evidence that you are meeting the Consumer Duty Outcome 3.

For you, within your organisation, it all seems straightforward and obvious, and this can often be where disconnect and misunderstanding takes place.

In this one hour workshop, Helen Pettifer will share key insights into fully understanding who your first-time customers are and how to fully support them to help them achieve a good outcome.

The workshop will be crammed with practical advice and takeaways that can be used after the workshop. It is ideal for frontline staff and anyone who has a responsibility for the delivery of good customer outcomes.

It will cover:

  • Understanding and identifying who your first-time customers are
  • Recognising barriers to connect and understand from both perspectives
  • Understanding the importance of clear and simple processes and communication
  • Recognising a range of practical steps to support first-time customers

It will equip delegates with useful questioning techniques, which will also help in gaining customer trust and confidence. Delegates will have a useful handout to take away to refer to and keep as a reference.

Your staff can build up a fantastic portfolio of aids to use on a day to day basis as they attend our Mini Toolkit Workshops.

To book: email or phone 0161 870 6637. Zoom details will be sent in advance of the session.


Feb 21 2024


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm