Workshop 1: Demystifying Outcomes – what are outcomes, how to set them and measuring success!

We are pleased to announce our Consumer Duty Toolkit session series. A practical, confidence building toolkit session with useful takeaways.

It is some time since the introduction of the FCA’s Consumer Duty and firms are expected to clearly showcase their efforts in meeting Consumer Outcomes.

However, navigating the intricacies of Consumer Outcomes can be challenging, and some firms are finding Outcomes Setting and Outcome Testing difficult.

Our upcoming session will offer a streamlined approach to untangle these complexities, demystify the concept of Outcomes, and simplify the process.

Many firms struggle with either an overload of data, or a lack of actionable information. So, this session will focus on practical strategies for setting effective outcomes, followed by another dedicated session, at a later date, on testing outcomes in a rigorous way.

Ideal for those in Risk, Compliance, Customer service, Sales, Senior management, Consumer Duty Champions, and anyone responsible for ensuring the firm meets the Consumer Duty requirements.

Learning outcomes:

This session will cover the following key focus areas:

  • Defining Outcomes: What do they mean for your business?
  • Setting Goals: What are your Target Outcomes?
  • Current Status: Where does your firm stand right now?
  • Data Utilisation: Do you have the right data to prove compliance?
  • Data Analysis and Testing: How is your data challenged and validated?
  • Reporting: Who is accountable and responsible?
  • Best Practice: Are you effectively showcasing your efforts?
  • Consequences: Understand the impact of non-compliance

Delegates will have an opportunity to walk through an example of an outcome from inception, so they may transfer this learning and apply it to other areas of the firm after the session.

A template to help delegates consider and evidence why a particular outcome has been developed will be provided.

Cost: £29 plus vat per person

To book: email or phone 0161 870 6637. Zoom details will be sent in advance of the session.

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May 31 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am