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World Mental Health Day 2022 – Miindful Manchester Wellbeing Support

World Mental Health Day

At Create Solutions we are passionate about helping our clients, their staff and our staff.

A few of us are members of the Insurance Institute of Manchester’s Wellbeing Committee who raise further awareness of mental health and vulnerability issues.

The Miindful Committee have hosted many sessions for members; hundreds of people have benefited from them over the years.

The topics have included:
* Managing the Risks of Stress and Burnout
* The Power of Gratitude and Kindness
* Suicide, A Conversation Guide
* International Men’s Day – In Conversation with Tom Chapman
* Loneliness – How We Can Help Ourselves and Others
* MIIndful 10 – 10 Days of 10 Minute Meditations
* Staying Positive in an Uncertain World
* Refocus… A Breathing Anchor to Refocus The Wandering Mind
* Wellbeing for Winter

Last week we held our latest event on Wellbeing for Winter (preparing yourself for the winter months ahead) and the next event is on 13th October, this is a Health Hour Talk by Prevent Breast Cancer, who are one of the Institute’s chosen charities for this year (you may remember them from the Style In The City event in July at The Midland Hotel).


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