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FCA confirms new rules to improve oversight of Appointed Representatives (PS22/11)

The FCA has published their policy statement on Improving the AR Regime (PS22/11) giving firms a 4 month window to implement the requirements.

The key outcomes the FCA are seeking:

  1. Principals understand their responsibilities in relation to ARs, have stronger and better oversight of, and take more effective responsibility for, their ARs.
  2. The FCA can better challenge firms with, and those looking to appoint, ARs.
  3. Principals address problems with their ARs that are, or have the potential to, cause harm to consumers or markets.
  4. Consumers can access better‑quality information on principals and ARs and make good decisions when choosing products or services

For the full policy statement, please click here…


We will be holding a Bitesize webinar on 15th August 2022 11am-12pm “The New AR Regime PS22/11 – What firms need to do by the deadline 8th December 2022”. For full details of the session and how to book please click here… 


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