Understanding Dependency and Addiction – 21st November 2022 12pm – 1:15pm

This is our sixth wellbeing session.  Staff wellbeing is so important, now more than ever, and these FREE sessions are aimed at helping our clients and their staff.   You may want to incorporate these sessions into your overarching staff wellbeing strategy and invite your staff to attend (they are held at lunch time)  

Date:  Monday 21st November     Time:  12 noon – 1.15pm       Cost: FREE (for Create clients)     Delivery: Via Zoom

To book contact: email Deborah@createsolutions.co.uk or phone 0161 870 6637

About this session:

Addiction and dependency are both taboo subjects. Having a dependency or addiction are characteristics of vulnerability for your customers, but what about your staff? Firms have a corporate social responsibility to their customers and also a duty of care as employers for their staff.

This could mean your employees/customers are facing/have faced other personal problems and they may need support.

During this awareness session, we will examine:

  • What are dependency and addiction?
  • Why more understanding is needed on dependency and addiction
  • The common drugs and ways of gambling/video gaming and their accessibility
  • The size of the problem
  • How dependency and addiction affect different industries
  • How to spot the signs
  • Practical tips for how you can start a conversation to support your employees and colleagues, customers, friends or family members etc
  • The importance of signposting and have signposting information
  • What is available in terms of help and support for substance use disorders

This session is ideal for Senior Managers, Directors, HR, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Mental Health/Wellbeing Champions and individuals who are interested in understanding more about this topic.

We look forward to joining you on this session.    Please pass this onto your staff and also your HR Department and people responsible for staff wellbeing and development.

The session will be presented by:

The team at NeuroSight & Drugs and Me who have spent their time following university studies to educate and inform people in a non-judgemental way, in both universities and the workplace, about dependency and addiction. They are a team of scientists, writers and engineers developing content, digital tools and research to make information more accessible, help people make healthier and safer decisions while using drugs recreationally .

The team are responsible for supporting the staff who want to help individuals who use drugs and do not directly support individuals with drug problems.  They cannot guarantee that this information will prevent any harm from drug use, nor can they be liable for any outcomes resulting from the use of illegal drugs. The information provided must be treated as indicative only as individuals and circumstances will differ.


Nov 21 2022


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

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