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An introductory overview of Commercial Package Insurance 22nd September 2022

This two-hour webinar will provide a practical look into the various sections of a typical commercial package insurance policy, what is covered and what protection a commercial customer actually obtains, so that brokers, underwriters and claims staff alike can be confident when explaining the different sections of cover.

Most Commercial insurances are now on a package basis, so understanding what is actually covered is essential.

The webinar is aimed at:
1. Those who have started to work within commercial insurance within the last two years.
2. Those who have not worked in Commercial insurance before and want to understand these insurance products.
3. Those that would appreciate a technical refresher and benefit from a plain English overview of Commercial package insurance

The reality is, that many commercial customers do not always appreciate the breadth of their cover, and as such the discussion tends to too often focus on price rather than cover and quality. This webinar will look to put the onus back on the essentials of cover and quality so that customers can make informed decisions.

The presentation will be provided by Alan Chandler, one of the most popular speakers within the UK, and Alan in his usual plain English style will outline the main areas of cover, the history of package insurance and how sums insured should be correctly set. The webinar will be suitable for anyone working with commercial package insurance be they brokers, underwriters or claims staff.

Learning Objectives:

Delegates will be able to understand:

  • The history of commercial package insurance
  • The cover provided by each of the main sections of a package policy
  • How to guide customers in setting correct sums insured under a package policy

At the end of the course delegates will receive a certificate of attendance for their training and development files.

Date: 22nd September 2022

Time: 3.00 – 5.00pm

The cost of the session is just £79 plus vat per person ad will be delivered by ZOOM

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