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Bitesize session – Assessing the Competence of your staff – 18th August 2022 (10-11am)


Create Solutions are delighted to offer this FREE 1-hour Bitesize session for our clients on the topic of Assessing the Competence of your staff.

FCA see having competent staff as a cornerstone of firms delivering good outcomes for consumers. As such, the subject has its own part of the FCA Handbook, the Training and Competence Sourcebook (“T&C”) and whilst the FCA are clear about the outcome they want – competent staff – they have largely left it to firms to work out how to get there.

This can be challenging, so we have decided to offer this bitesize session to help. We will review the relevant FCA rules and then explore how to apply them in practice via a case study. We will also introduce you to our new Competency Assessment Template.

This is ideal for Senior Managers, Compliance and HR staff who have responsibilities in this area, as well as staff who have supervisory responsibility for those who fall within this regime.

This webinar will be invaluable for those who wish to:

  • Stay alert to FCA expectations.
  • Learn more about how FCA requirements apply.
  • Benchmark current arrangements against FCA expectations.

At the end of this session, delegates will understand:

  • What FCA’s key expectations are under the T&C Regime.
  • Understand what they need to do to meet them.
  • How to demonstrate they have been met.
  • How to apply this knowledge in practice.
  • What the common failings are and how to address these.
  • The benefits of getting this right, and consequences of not taking this seriously.

Who should attend:

  • Senior managers with responsibilities in this area.
  • Compliance and HR staff with responsibilities in this area.
  • Anyone who supervises staff who fall within this regime.

Date: 18th August 2022

Time: 10-11am

Please ensure you pass this invite onto the right people within your organisation.

To book please contact – giving the names and email addresses of those you want to book on.

The session will be held via Zoom and details will be sent to delegates in advance of the session. 


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