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Insurance Charities Awareness Week

Dates for the diary: 19th to 23rd June 2023

Each year the Insurance Charities supports hundreds of insurance employees and their families in times of need. If can transform lives for the better and provide and essential lifeline for as long as it’s needed. It is the only charity in the UK and Ireland solely supporting current and former insurance employees whatever their role. Applicants do not need to be a member of an insurance related body or association, and both working and non-working people can apply. To contact The Insurance Charities in confidence email or call 020 7606 3763.

Recently, we worked with The Insurance Institute of Manchester within the MIIndful committee where we invited the charity to talk to members. Please find a link to a recording of the session here, passcode to view this event is Ev9OX$N*

How will you get involved?

Download the free digital Supporter Toolkit for Insurance Charities Awareness Week (ICAW).

Whether you are an individual, employer, or insurance group/network you can access the Toolkit and get involved however you can. Please share with your insurance contacts and encourage them to get involved too.

In the Toolkit you’ll find:

  • The latest infographics
  • Social media assets
  • Suggested posts for Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Key messages and Mythbusters about the Charity
  • Campaign logos, screensavers, and Teams/Zooms backgrounds plus much more!

Find out more information at their

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